What cate Has to Offer

Manage Target Groups

  • Manage participants
  • Import existing user data
  • Map organisational structures
  • Define role/permission concepts for users
  • Give managers the level of authorisation they need

Create and Document Training Events

  • Offer training events for specific target groups and create an intelligent keyword system for them
  • Create learning content and test scenarios yourself
  • Combine online and in-person sessions to create hybrid training events (blended learning)
  • Evaluate training events with clearly structured reports
  • Document participations in external training events

Organise Training Events

  • Process bookings, cancellations and approvals automatically
  • Set participation/cancellation fees and costs for each training activity
  • Automated creation of participant/material/task lists
  • Manage venues and requests for overnight stays
  • Clearly plan trainer assignments in the calendar

All-round Service

  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • Data protection/IT security standards
  • Fast and reliable user support
  • System upgrade possible at any time

Responsive and Customisable Design

cate is available in three different designs which can be customised further, for example by integrating your company’s colours and logo into the user interface. Due to its responsive design, cate can be displayed on various mobile devices.

Training Event Search – Find What You are Looking for

Enables users to quickly find the training event that suits them. Dates, training content, prerequisites, target groups and other information are clearly displayed and participants can see the training courses that have been approved for them. The search is optimally supported by adding keywords and tags to each training event.

Recurring Mandatory Training - Always Transparent & Up-to-Date

Mandatory trainings on legal and internal company guidelines are a permanent fixture in a company’s training portfolio. With cate, awarded qualifications and status information regarding the validity of certifications can be reviewed directly for each participant. Automated notifications, e-mail reminders and reports support you in your controlling process and obligation to provide proof.

Decentralised Training - Professional Planning & Implementation

Accompany training measures from headquarters, while giving branches, subsidiaries or managers the freedom to offer their own training events – cate makes exactly that possible. The system offers a guided process for the creation of training events with predefined blocks. This ensures uniform standards, but still allows for the quick and uncomplicated organisation of additional training activities where they are needed.

Blended Learning – The Best of Both Worlds

With cate, digital learning can be combined with classroom training in a mix of methods to create modern qualification pathways. This approach covers rising demand and takes economic considerations into account. The recipe for future success is called blended learning.

Integrated Trainer Assignment & Training Event Planning

cate makes it possible to manage both trainers and training events in one calendar. The clear layout makes it easy to identify available time slots and thus facilitates the fast and optimal allocation and coordination of capacities.

Further Training Times - Documentation and Proof

cate supports you in fulfilling your legal further-training obligations. Training measures can be labelled with corresponding training times and thus enable a quick overview of booked, already completed or still pending training times per participant.

In the insurance sector, cate enables the reporting of IDD further training times to gut beraten’s central further training database via an additional interface. As a Trusted Partner Service, further training times of other training providers can also be imported into a participant’s personal education biography in cate.

Talent Assessment – Transparent and Professional

Finding suitable members of staff with the help of assessments is a reliable, but also complex and time-consuming method. cate allows you to individually define and digitally map requirements, tasks and deadlines for different career paths. All assessments - even from multiple observers - are combined in one place, transparently and clearly. The results are then presented as feedback in graphic form. In addition, the results of assessment centres and achieved career goals can be viewed in a report.

Reporting - Figures, Data & Facts at the Push of a Button

The documentation of training progress, and training times and the evaluations of potential or personal educational biographies create transparency for employees, managers and coordinators. The fast and comprehensive reporting method reduces the use of labour resources and increases qualification success rates in the company.