Why Clients Choose Us ...

Complex training management processes, systems that don’t work well together, no overview of staff members’ training activities or high costs for face-to-face training events and overnight stays. These are just some of the varied issues companies face before they come to us.

Our training events are in such high demand that we could be teaching somewhere else every day of the year.

There are at least six releases for our products a year, and each time it takes two months until everyone is familiar with the new features.
Product Manager

I’m constantly struggling with outdated registers, missing reminders or permissions for the participants off the courses I teach. And then, when everything is finally set, the log-in for the online seminar doesn’t work. That’s what I’m dealing with every day..

If you were to ask me if all staff have done the safety training this year, I wouldn’t be able to answer that off the top of my head. We just hope that the trade association will hold off on their next audit for a while longer.

For a few years now, all staff working in counselling have been obliged to undergo further training, which we have to document and prove. Of course, this cannot be done with an Excel table, it has to be automated.
Board Member

To be honest, we have been meaning to switch to a more practical system for a long time, but we need an interface to our existing tools, otherwise it won’t work.
IT Project Manager

We have many independent agencies all over Germany. Sometimes, agency heads want to provide their teams with tailor-made training events. We love such initiative, of course. But sadly, we are lacking the necessary platform.
Regional Manager

We create so many materials to help our agencies with distribution - but no one seems to look at them.
Head of External Organisation Training

I hear from colleagues that there is a lot of in-house training available. But where can I actually find it?
Member of staff

Get Started at Your Level and Upgrade Easily


The easy way to provide, organise and document training activities of all kinds.


The systemic solution for comprehensive training organisation and centralised management of all educational activities.


The complete package to map all educational activities of centralised and decentralised structures, such as external sales teams, in one system.


For companies with individual requirements that want to actively participate in the further development of the system.

Our Promise!

The Company Behind cate

cate was created by CaT Concepts and Training GmbH. As one of the pioneers of digital further education, we experienced and shaped the market’s development from the very beginning.

As a result, we have gained extensive practical experience in the field of digital education management and in the conception and implementation of digital learning content.

And we have channelled this know-how into the development of the cate learning management system. Many companies are already benefiting from the advantages cate has to offer.

We want to get to know your company in order to find solutions for your individual needs as reliable, long-term and dependable partners. Your project is our project. You can rely on that!

Together Every Step of the Way

It all begins with a non-binding consultation.
Once the goals have been set and the requirements defined, we will set out to achieve them together - step by step.

Examination of the initial situation and objectives, analysis of target groups, content and resources, definition of system requirements, determination of the investment framework, selection of a cate model.
Getting to know the project team, explanation of the work packages, definition of responsibilities, coordination of schedules and project plan
Initial configuration of the various sub-areas in close coordination with you: user management, training portfolio, training organisation, training processes and system operation
Joint workshop: How to use the system, displays and user interfaces, creating initial content and templates
Go-live for the new system with support during the introductory phase, if necessary, accompanied by a introductory campaign
Fast and reliable support with ticket system, personal support from customer management if required

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